Jakcloth 2012 YearEndSale
“The Biggest Youth Event in Indonesia”

6,7,8,9 Desember 2012
Lap. Parkir Timur Senayan Jakarta

With Performance from Your Favorite Bands and International Bands:

Billfold – Divide – Jolly Jumper – Nectura – Hoolahoop
Too Weak To Dance – DeadEyesGlow – For Revenge
I Revival – Villes – Azureforjanne – BalladForRomantic
Inwise – Kinetik – Buckskin Bugle – TheFlinsTone
FrozenOnThe12 – Nonanoskins – DyingLastFashion
Failing Forward – SkyOnEye – I Punch Werewolf
Lcdtrip – TheShabrinas – GoodbyeSkyline – Anonymous
RadioBandit – No More Heroes – Tanduk Rusa
Everything Falls Away – My Name Is – Thirty July
And Many More..
MC: Allay Error

HTM: Rp. 20.000 (on the spot)

Bring Extra Cash for SPECIAL PRICE of
PSD Recs Merch,Band Merch, & LuckyPeterTattoo merch.

At our booth AREA D!


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